Reflection on 2015 and Looking forward on 2016

My 2015 goals:

Let's reflect how many I have achieved:

1) Career Plan

- continue to work on my phd

No progress on my phd, might abandoned due to change of policy.

2) Health Plan

- must take up swimming.

Admitted to hospital in February due to cough which cost pneumonia. Swimming plan not successful.

3) Wealth Plan

- Share - must break even or get minimum 5% return, 2015 will be challenging year. Joined cpteh stock watch.

Share make a 25% loss instead of 5% return. Make a few investment mistake example: Armada, DrbHicom, WCT-WC, Puncak and Ytlpower-wb. Forget about the theme play which is Export stock.

- Property - hope to get a medium cost apt which cost below 200k.
Manage to get a low cost flat which cost 38k, but still not yet get key after waited for 8 months.

- Car - plan to buy a 2nd hand auto Persona car cost RM 30k.
Bought a new car MyVI instead of Persona which cost RM 47500. My 1st NEW CAR.

4) Family Plan

- Lui lui - study 5 years old kindergarten
- Boy boy - study 3 years old kindergarten in June, he still not yet reach 3 because born on December.
- No additional member - he he he because my wife already IKAT.

I do spend a lot of time for my Children, Hope they grow healthily.

1) Focus on share investment and break even which is a challenging year.
2) Brush up my chart pattern reading skills.
3) Rent out my low cost flat at RM 500. Estimated to get key in March.
4) Get a better tenant for my Venice Hill condo. Current tenant really give me a lot of problem.
5) Additional Debt Car Loan of RM 750 per month.
6) Exercise and live healthily.


Finally, did u join cpteh stockwatch? And gain?

I do join cpteh stockwatch, just break even. Don't have spare time to trade.