MY SIKAP Car Ownership transfer oh MY SIKAP Car Ownership transfer

I bought a new car MYVI, after 40 years of frugality, I finally reward myself a NEW CAR.

So I have to sell my old car 2007 Proton Iswara. 2nd Hand Car Dealer only offer RM 5k for my car.

I am lucky to find an individual which offer me RM 9k, woo la la.

The buyer is from Ipoh, so I need to do car ownership transfer.

Step 1: Go to nearest JPJ to get MYSIKAP ID. They will do a biometric verification before give you a MYSIKAP ID through email.

Step 2: Get your ID or rujukan from the email that you register with JPJ.

Step 3: Go to MYSIKAP websites;, and click  Daftar Masuk Kali Pertama. The screen as below will pop up.

Fill in your " No Rujukan " which you get from your email.

Step 4: After that, they will send a temporary password to your email. 

Step 5: Login with your ID (new IC number) and password ( send through email on step 4). 

Step 6: Change your temporary password and login with your new password.

Step 7: This is the screen that you login:

Step 8: Click Kenderaan and you will see the page as below:

Step 9: Click Permohonan Pertukaran Hak Milik ( Pemilik Berdaftar), then fill in the owner and buyer particular as follows. ( IC and email)

Step 10: Finish already as follows. Buyer will get an email and go to JPJ Ipoh to complete the transaction.

Why I use MYSIKAP?

No need to go back IPOH, save time and hassle free. Bravo JPJ but not much information give online.