Kelisa Air Cond Blower oh Kelisa Air Cond Blower

My wife car air cond malfunction. This is because of the blower spoilt.

So today I went to fix the car and some other parts.

Air Cond Blower - RM 140

Speaker RM 60 - include installation
Internet only sell RM 35 exclude installation

Brake pad - RM 60 include workmanship

- Lelong price :

Wiper China brands - RM 18

Audio bank Silicone type - RM 68 - didn't change

According to the Mechanics, the air cond not so cold, he suggest to change 
the Air Cond Filter and Refill Gas. Suppected leakage at the air cond filter.

Air Cond Receiver Drier Filter - RM 60
Refill Gas R134A - RM 60 - normally the gas meter show 50, currently show 40
Workmanship RM 10
Total RM 130
Next round ...

Reference Price:

2011 Price:
Cooling Coil Service  RM45
Gas R134A               RM75
Oil Compressor         RM38
Kelisa Blower Motor RM170
Upah Pasang Blower RM15
Expansion Valve        RM75