11-smart-money-moves-supercharge-finances oh 11-smart-money-moves-supercharge-finances

Below article is good for you to read:


11th smart money moves:

1. Pay your bills on time:
I have a lot of bills to pay:
Electricity Bill and Water Bill
Indah Water
Credit card
Umobile etc

All pay using online by using Public Bank Visa Signature Card which entitle for 6% cash rebate.

2. Track your net worth
Just use an excel file to track it:


3. Check your credit:



4. Rebalance your investment portfolio:
This one very tedious to do. I have
1) Share
2) Future, FKLI
3) Property
4) Unit Trust

5. Conduct a credit card audit:

Currently I have 3 credit card:
Maybank Ikhwan - Use for pump petrol - 5 % cash rebate
Public Bank Visa Signature - Use for online payment - 6% cash rebate
Alliance Bank Visa Infinite - useless to me after review of airport lounge, luckily annual fees waiver due to home loan else I will chop it.

To be continued ...

6. Evaluate your bank

7. Review and revise your goals

8. Scrub your monthly expenses

9. Consider refinancing your mortgage

10. Evaluate all of your insurance:

11. Get smart: