Budget 2017 oh Budget 2017

Nothing for me, middle income group earner.

Source: malaysiakini

Theme: "Accelerating Growth, Ensuring Fiscal Prudence, Enhancing Well-being of the Rakyat".

Budget allocation:
- Total budget allocation: RM260.8 billion, up 3.4% from 2016 budget recalibration.
- In contrast: RM267.2 billion was announced for Budget 2016.
- RM214.8 billion for operating expenditure.
- RM46 billion for development expenditure.
- Revenue collection estimate: Up 3% to RM219.7 billion
- Fiscal deficit target: 3% of GDP in 2017, down 0.1% from 2016
- Operating Expenditure: RM77.4 billion allocated for emolument, up 9.8%
- Fall in oil prices causes loss of RM30 billion in government revenue.
- GST collection as of Oct 19, 2016: RM30 billion.
- Increase in GST rate? "Hearsay," says PM.
- Only 2.1 million income tax payers out of 14.6 million total workforce.
Civil servants:
- Motorcycle loan scheme increased from RM5,000 to RM10,000.
- RM5,000 computer loan scheme now includes smartphones.
- Child quarantine leave: Five days max.
- Study leave with full pay
- Housing loan scheme: Increased from RM120,000 and RM600,000 to RM200,000 and RM750,000 respectively. 
- 30,000 Perumahan Penjawat Awam 1Malaysia to be sold to civil servants between RM90,000 and RM300,000, at 20% below market price.
- 2,600 doctors who were unable to receive housemanship placements will be hired on contract

- New MyBeautiful New Home scheme for bottom 40 percent income category (B40).
- 5,000 units to be build. Price: RM40,000 ro RM50,000 per unit.
- Total allocation: RM200 million.
- Housing and Local Government Ministry to build 9,850 units of People's Housing Programme (PPR) houses.
- Households in e-Kasih database with monthly income below RM3,000: BR1M payments now RM1,200, up from RM1,050.
- Households earning RM3,000-RM4,000: BR1M payments increased from RM800 to RM900.
- Single individuals earning below RM2,000: BR1M payments now RM450, up from RM400.
Rural development:
- 97,000 new street lights and 3,000 LED lights at crossroads for 7,500 villages nationwide

- 616km of village roads and bridge to be built and upgraded. Costs RM1.2 billion.
- RM4.6 billion to maintain state roads under Malaysian Road Records Information System.
- RM350 million to build and refurbish 17,000 houses in remote villages and Orang Asli settlements.
- RM732 million to increase water supply to another 5,200 houses and upgrade FELDA water supply system.
- RM460 million to provide electricity supply to rural areas. Target: 10,000 houses.

- Building of new hospitals and clinics or upgrading of existing ones in Perlis, Kuching, Mukah, Jempol, Muar and Johor Bahru.
- RM536 million to be spent on upgrading hospital facilities nationwide.
- RM4.5 billion allocation for operation of 340 1Malaysia Clinics, 11 1Malaysia mobile clinics, 959 health clinics and 1,800 existing rural clinics.
- RM4 billion to be spent on drugs, consumables, vaccines and reagents for all government hospitals and health facilities.
- One-off grants of RM200,000 for health providers to purchase haemodialysis equipment.
- RM60 million allocation for scheme to provide RM5,000 grant for taxi drivers to purchase new vehicles.
- Individual taxi permits to be given.
- SOCSO scheme for individual taxi drivers for taxi drivers with monthly income of up to RM3,000.
- Government will encourage ride-sharing drivers such as Uber to help "bottom 40%" group generate additional income.
- Rebate of RM4,000 for Proton Iriz purchase. Limited to non-vehicle owners.


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