SSPN 6 K Save Money oh SSPN 6 K Save Money

Latest update:

Credit card can not, kanasai, all my plan ruin. 28 Oct 2016. Only accept debit card and cash. Apa lah.

Good news: I found a way to pay using CREDIT CARD.

You can now pay SSPN by using credit card. opps DEBIT CARD.


Just go to any of the branch. Link as follows:


Convert it to 6 months PUBLIC BANK credit card balance transfer. Valid until 31 December 2016.

0% interest.

Step by Step:
a) Swap 6k on Alliance Bank credit card for my Daughter
b) Swap 6k on Maybank credit card for my SON
c) Convert 12k to Public Bank Credit Card Balance transfer


I can save 12k of 6 months House LOAN interest and dump everything in my PBank Credit Card Balance Transfer.