10 “Guardrails” oh 10 “Guardrails”

Good article to read:

Which one you have done??

1. Automate your savings - In Malaysia context, EPF

2. Automate your investments - Don't think so in Malaysia, Do we have Life Strategy Funds?? We only have Fundsupermart

3. Cut up your credit cards - If you don't know how to manage credit card, better cut or seek help from AKPK, luckily I am good on this and maximize my cash back through credit card.

4. Opt for a 15-year mortgage - My one is opt for the maximum, 25 years, but with FLEXI loan feature don't think 15 year can work in Malaysia.

5. Track Your Spending - Must learn to use tools like Mint.com or Personal Capital or YNAB

My typical spending:
Daughter day care and kindy - RM 610 per month
Son day care and kindy - RM 610 per month
Lunch - RM 8 (exclude 2 kids) per day x 30 = 240 per month
Dinner - RM 20 (include 2 kids and wife) per day x 30 = 600 per month
Handphone bill RM 10 per month
Internet streamyx - RM 140 per month
Electricity - RM 60 per month
Water - free
House loan - RM 1500 per month
Car loan - RM 700 per month
Grocery - RM 200 per month
Total: 4670 per month

6. Balance your checkbook - similar with 5

7. Pay cash for your car(s) - Malaysia can't, My car loan is RM 700 per month for 5 years. I buy during year end with 3 to 4 k promotion.

8. Hide your emergency fund - This one I park under my FLEXI housing loan.

9. Don’t stretch out your student loans - I don't have student loan, in Malaysia- it called PTPTN

10. Go old school - i don't have this problem. 月光族- Month End Group

Source: http://www.doughroller.net/personal-finance/financial-guardrails-road-to-financial-freedom/