UNIFI advance plan oh UNIFI advance plan

TM is now offering a special promotion for new subscribers of their UniFi Advance 30 and Advance 50 plans. By default, these plans are valued at RM199/month for the Advance 30 which gives you download speeds of up to 30Mbps and RM249/month for the Advance 50 plans which gives you download speeds of up to 50Mbps.
With this new promotion, TM is bringing the prices down to RM179/month for Advance 30 and RM229/month for Advance 50. This price will be maintained throughout the duration of your plan’s contract.

Cheapest now is RM 179 before 31 December, after 31 Dec - 199.

But to me, It is very expensive.

I hope they will roll out something below RM 120 package.

UNIFI old plan - no more already