Save 89% Phone Bill oh Save 89% Phone Bill

After 6 months, how much is my phone bill?

From RM 28 - Umobile, I manage to reduce my phone bill to RM 3 averagely per month.

Do I get less from the new package, NOPE.

I just optimize my usage.

Frugality is just a lifestyle and not a torture the quality of life.


you subscribe to Redone-amazing plans - RM8 plan right?
Wondering what is the data speed?

Redone is using celcom line (Mobile Virtual Network Operator for celcom) . What do you think about celcom speed??

Yes, I'm aware redone is using celcom infra. Wondering what is the speed if subscribe to RM8 amazing plan, is that low speed, 64k?

Dear FX,

Is high speed 1GB. Worth it. If you using 4G phone, also can.

Disadvantage, After 1GB, is PAYU. (Pay As You Use)

The rate you applied on RM8 monthly? I don't see data is bundled with it