Rakuten Securities Vs Mplus Securities

I thought mplus is the cheapest brokerage fees...., mplus is charging RM 8

But now we have RAKUTEN... cheapest RM 7, should I change???

Their fees as follows:

Brokerage Table

Trading Value
Per Transaction / Stock
Normal Brokerage
Via Web / iSPEED
Assisted Brokerage
Via Customer Service RM30.00 + Normal Brokerage
BelowRM1,000RM7.00Flat FeeRM37.00Flat Fee
BetweenRM1,000RM9,999.99RM8.00Flat FeeRM38.00Flat Fee
BetweenRM10,000RM99,999.990.10% of Trading Value0.10% of Trading Value + RM30.00
Equal & AboveRM100,000RM100.00Flat FeeRM130.00Flat Fee

Brokerage fee excludes GST 6%

Source: https://www.rakutentrade.my/

From the above trade, I only save RM 2, for trade below 1 k, rakuten charge RM 7 instead of RM 8.
So many bad comments: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/4293611/all