Malaysia Income Tax Saving oh Malaysia Income Tax Saving

1) Lifestyle Tax Relief

Community message cum reminder:
A low hanging fruit tax savings you MUST do before 31 Dec 2017. Also it will make you very happy 
Make sure you keep/dig out all your receipts purchasing any of the below, for yourself & family:
1) Most reading materials (ebooks do count) or
2) PC, smartphone or tablet (yay!) or
3) Most sports equipment (bicycle does not count) or
4) Gym memberships or
5) Any internet plan subscription (easy-peasy)
Combine everything together, make up a total of 2,500 (max allowable tax relief)...if not enough yet, buy a smartphone before 31st Dec, capisce?
SHARE this because you don't lose anything by doing so.

2) PRS - RM 3K - Done

3) PTPTN- RM 6K- Waiting

 Why can't use credit card and pay???