Root Canal Treatment,Endodontics oh Root Canal Treatment,Endodontics

My tooth recently very painful.

I have to eat antibiotic to suppress the pain.

Dentist suggest to me to do ROOT CANAL TREATMENT follow by crowning.

The price is RM 650, crowning another 650.

I have asked many dental clinic, averagely is RM 800, crowning 800.

If go to government dental clinic, the appointment need to wait until 1 year.

So how?

Yoong Dental Clinics Semenyih- 700++

Tiew Dental Clinics Semenyih - 800++

Gloria Dental Clinics Mahkota Cheras - 800++

Syafeera Mahkota Cheras - 650 ++

Eric Mahkota Cheras - 600++

Han & Hong Dental Surgery Mahkota Cheras - 600++