OneXoX oh OneXoX

What is so special about One XOX???

Because of longest validity period - 28 months


Step 1: Get a one XOX sim card through link below:

 XOX Online Store ( The Starter Pack recommended retail price is RM10 and comes with preloaded RM5 credit, 4G LTE and 1800 Free SMS upon SIM activation

Step 2:

Top up RM 10 within 24 hour after activation


Topup RM 50 in 30 days after activation if miss top up 10 within 24 hour


MNP - no need top up

After 28 months how??

Paid money:

Validity for 6 month: RM 18
Validity for 12 months: RM 25

If I plan to maintain a handphone with active SIM, I will let the sim deactivate then Change a new SIM card - Total price RM 10+10(top up) = RM 20 valid another 28 months

Compare Validity for 12 month +12 months = RM 25+25 = RM 50


What is OneXOX??


I think it’s good to use as secret number for TAC transaction. Thanks for sharing.