Smart Selangor Parking Apps oh Smart Selangor Parking Apps

I must give a Thumbs Up to selangor goverment that roll out this smart parking apps.

Everytime parking, I need to find Coins, else need to buy Coupon, have to buy whole stacks of coupon.

Now, easy, just download the apps. Just search in google play store: SMART SELANGOR PARKING

The Smart Selangor Parking app is now supported by 5 councils in Selangor beginning 1 July. This covers parking in Shah Alam City Council, Ampang Jaya, Sepang, Kajang and Selayang municipal councils.

The app is currenrly available for download on Google Play and the App Store.


At the moment, it doesn’t accept credit or debit cards but it supports online banking as well as Boost.
Your top up balance can be used across multiple councils so you don’t need to top up separately for every council. Do note that there’s a RM1 fee when you make a reload.

More about it: