2020 Portfolio Review oh 2020 Portfolio Review

 Another one month, we have to say BYE BYE to 2020.

What have you achieved so far?

As a whole, 2020 is not so good due to COVID-19 pandemic.

I am grounded at home almost 9 months, good news is I am still Okay and still have JOB ( he he he)

Portfolio update:

1) Stock 

Not so good, never ride on the train of Glove and Health care.

RED RED RED in the portfolio.

Example: Presbhd - From 1.20 drop to 0.43, hesitate to sell at 1.20, this is stock market, You can't predict the price. KANASAI

2) Funding Societies

So many default in my portfolio.

Already stop investing, transfer out my money already.

90% will loss 10% in funding societies.

Due to covid-19, many SME bankrupt thus increase the rate of default. Kanasai.

3) CapBay - Found new one to replace Funding Societies, CapBay

So far no default yet - cross my finger

- portfolio with 10% return

4) PRS - so far not bad

- I am using fundsupermart platform to invest.

- averagely have 10% return on PRS.

- Don't get mislead by the percentage because you must divide by the years, we need to count time weighted average.

- To be fair, all the percentage need to divide by 6 to 7 years.

5) Stashaway - not bad

- Stashaway so far average about 20% return.

- during March 2020 selldown, portfolio drop to - 20%

- high risk high return.

6) Ifast using EPF money to invest in unit trust

- about 5%

- during March 2020 selldown, wrong decision sell Principal Titan, else it will be at least 10% return

- nobody can predict the market.

7) Hello Gold

- Not bad - Fuiyoh

- about 10% return 

How is your portfolio perform in year 2020?

Looking forward 2021:

a) Equity crowdfunding

b) Tiger broker - singapore reit and us stock