CNY Advert Video oh CNY Advert Video

 Kopi and property blog have compiled it, ENJOY.

Credit to him: Enjoy! 8 very nice CNY videos for 2022 •


#1 – Cannot run away from this familiar tune by Watsons lah.

#2 RHB’s video is meaningful and carries a noble message too.

#3 Gamuda Land’s video is also very meaningful and emotional too.

#4 – Yes, I like this Julie’s because of their earlier video about their new branding

#5 – A Malaysian themed video. From Mr. DIY.

#6 This one’s from that super famous cooking oil yeah. KNIFE cooking oil. Meaningful video.

#7 Okay, the main star is an old friend but this is still a meaningful video to remind us that we must stay safe for our loved ones. From Eu Yan Sang.

#8 When different generations have different views, just need to remember to always be grateful! Lovely video about the best hairstylist EVER. Haha. By McDonald’s.