Singapore "EdisonChen" Sex Video

Why our society so many sicko? Please be careful.

In yet another online scandal that had Singaporean Netizens riled, a blogger who calls himself Gary Ng posted some 33 sex videos of himself to a blog on an obscene website. Gary claims to work in the banking industry, and is not shy at all about describing his sexual encounters with the various women.

Local Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wabao, reported that about 22 women were featured in the 33 videos Gary uploaded. Gary also titled the videos such that they profile the women whom he was having sex with. From the titles include, ‘Gary Ng vs. Beer Auntie’, ‘Gary Ng vs. Ah Lian’ and even ‘Gary Ng vs. Friend’s Niece.’ A real estate agent, an NUS student, a bank employee and a neighbour were also among Gary’s ‘conquests,’ Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The Wanbao report said that Gary first uploaded the sex clips to a blog hosted on an obscene website. He then made a number of posts on several popular Singaporean online forums, describing his sexual experiences in great detail and posting links to the videos. Response to the videos were rife with criticism, with many Netizens condemning Gary’s actions and sending ‘flames’ or angry posts. However, a handful of bloggers were found to have posted links to Gary’s sex videos on their own blogs as well.

Lianhe Wanbao said that the first clip was uploaded sometime in August 2008, and the videos last from between more than 10 seconds to some 30 seconds. From the angle the video were shot, the camera was likely to have been placed at a high point in the room. The women seem not to be aware of the fact that their actions were being recorded. In a later email reply to Lianhe Wanbao, Gary admitted that “most of the women” were unaware he was taping them.
Because of his actions, Gary is referred to as ‘Singapore’s Edison Chen’, but it seems the man behind the sex videos was not shy at all about Netizens seeing all of his intimate moments online. Gary even left his email address at the end of every video.
When Lianhe Wanbao wrote to Gary, he was happy to reply. He told the Chinese newspaper that he was disappointed with the ‘quality’ of sex videos found online, and decided to upload clips of his sexual conquests to show how good he is in bed. “I came up with the idea of videotaping myself, to show off my techniques. I didn’t expect to get a such a good response, so when the comments started coming in, I uploaded more.” Gary told the newspaper.

As to the name ‘Singapore’s Edison Chen,’ Gary told Lianhe Wanbao, “Actually the Netizens don’t have to treat me as some superstar. I am just trying to contribute some sex videos for the enjoyment of the Singaporean men surfing the web.”
Gary also told the Chinese newspaper that he left his email address in the video clips because Netizens would want to send him private messages. Thus, the move was just to “satisfy demand.” Singaporean law states that anyone who distributes pornographic material can face a fine of up to $40,000, be jailed up to 2 years, or both.