Mob attack student

What is police doing in this??? Personally I agreed with PTPTN, if you don't like PTPTN, DON't apply, what so big deal. But I disagree the use of violence and curious why police didn't protect the students.


Not we dislike PTPTN. We want free education. If got free education, don't need PTPTN anymore...

Where got FREE education????

Nobody will appreciate if free education.

Even primary school you need to pay some school fees.

Who will pay lecturer?

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There are a few countries which offer free education. Most common is Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany. They didn't appreciate it? Education of the people is not good?
Refer to this link :

Najib already announce on badget 2012 that Free Primary, Secondary Education In Government Schools From 2012.
Refer to this link :

Our taxes, for example income tax, service tax, government tax, business tax, electric tax, land tax, handphone tax, car tax, credit card tax and many more...The most huge income to Malaysia is from petrol and gas. All this tax/money can be use to pay lecturer. Not only school fee can be pay for lecturer pay.

How much Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany paying their income tax????

Please do survey 1st before you give me the facts.

Are you willing to pay more tax???

Why not? If government use the money properly (near to 0% corruption or top 20 of Corruption Perceptions Index) to help rakyat to have better life, better transport, better environment, better service and etc. Not all of their people pay until 50% for their tax is depend on their income same as Malaysia. Higher income pay more tax mean rich people helps the poor.

Do you think our government will use money properly? You use a word "IF".

I think the prudent step now is " CHANGE" or check and balance.

Ya, the reason why now mahasiswa assembly at Dataran Merdeka. They want to let rakyat know, we need to change a new government. Without corruption, we can get a lot of benefit from government. They already know that BN wont cancel the PTPTN, just want to let rakyat get touching from what they do for our lovely Malaysia. I support what they do for Malaysia.