Exabytes 0.99 promotion konon nya

I like to save money and promotion. Who don't like?

When I read the post domain name promotion at RM 0.99 at rmvalues.com.my, I am so excited.


However when I go to the website and check my domain name ck5354 dot com, Guess what???

Saw this, I am so happy.

Saw this, I am sipeh sad.

RM 0.99 vs RM 21.99

Why want to have this kind of gimmick to lure us in???

Fool us once, shame on you.

Fool us twice, shame on us.

Fool me once, busuk name on you.

I am wonder if exabytes admin will reply on this.

Maybe I guess they will say 1st come 1st serve. Ha ha ha.


Hi ck5354,

we have only rmvalues.com but not rmvalues.com.my , because no money :( to register this expensive domain and have no business registration to give during registration.