Why nobody buy Advent Starter set advanced PES???

A check on webuy promotion on Advent newborn starter set PES materials:

RM 169 - sipeh cheap

Link: http://www.webuy.com.my/deal.aspx?id=662&utm_source=ilovedealssg&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=ilovedeals

However, only 9 people are buying???


Let's check on the deal:

What you get inside the starter KIT?
Price reference source: http://www.myaventstore.com/

2 pcs 260ml Feeding Bottle - RM 64.90
2 pcs 125ml Feeding Bottle - RM 58.90
1 pcs Newborn Soother  -     RM 15.00
2 pcs Extra Soft Newborn Teat RM 24.90
1 pcs Bottle and Teat Brush RM 22.90

Total only RM 186.60, no wonder not many people buy RM 169.00, only save RM 16.60.

I might get one SET for my 2nd BABY.

The retails price is RM 255.00, who is buying this price is really

1) 2 Avent Bottle Airflex 4oz/125ml PES Twin Pack

RM 58.90
Image 1

2) Avent Bottle Airflex 9oz/260ml PES Twin Pack

RM 64.90

Image 1