Economic slow down liao - walau wei

My stock still stuck a lot. Else i will sell everything.

Index keep charging higher, but my stock holding didn't move. Kanasai.

Turning Cautious on HDD
We are downgrading the overall technology sector to NEUTRAL on account of the coincident  and  lagging  indicators  in  the  global  HDD  and  semiconductor industries.  We  think  the  global  PC  market  will  be  lethargic  for  2H,  which  will similarly  affect  the  HDD  industry.  Although  the  global  semiconductor  market  is recovering,  fuelled  by  smartphones  and  tablets  demand,  we  are  cautious  on  the longer  term  outlook,  due  to  the  persistent  Eurozone  crisis  and  slowing  Chinese economy, which may derail potential growth prospects.
Downgrade to NEUTRAL. We are turning cautious on the global HDD industry’s longer term  outlook.  Thus,  we  are  downgrading  pure  local  HDD  component  makers  JCY  to NEUTRAL (FV: RM1.52). However, we maintain our TRADING BUY call on Notion (FV: RM1.50)  as  it  now  has  three  new  revenue  streams  in  its  HDD  segment.  We  are NEUTRAL on Engtek (FV: RM2.00) given the limited upside to the proposed purchase of its  net  assets  at  RM2.00  per  share.  We  are  keeping  our  view  of  a  better  2H  on  local semiconductor packaging and testing companies, as well as our TRADING BUY calls on MPI (FV: RM3.64) and Unisem (FV: RM1.73). Although we have three TRADING BUYs vs  two  NEUTRALs,  we  downgrade  the  sector  to  NEUTRAL  on  the  back  of  a  possible worldwide economic slowdown that may hamper long-term growth.