Brokerage comparison

Some reader give me a better suggestion which are:

Comparison Basis, Both are CASH UPFRONT account.

1) Ambank


2) M +

I just digged out more information about ambank:

A basic comparison.

Ambank - RM 6 minimum or 0.035%, this one sipeh attractive

M+ - RM 6 minimum or 0.035%, this one sipeh attractive

HLE - RM 8 minimum or 0.1%

Ambank - opening CDS account RM 10, free for HLE


No. Type of Service Rate
1 Outward Transfer of RM50 per transfer per counter excluding Bursa
Securities Malaysia Depository (BMD) charges of RM10 per
transfer per counter
Dividend Collection Net dividend
₃ RM20 - nil,
Above RM20 to RM500 - RM5,
Above RM500 - 1% of net dividend,
Max RM1,000
Rights Issue RM20 per transaction
General Offer RM20 per transaction
Conversion of RM20 per transaction
Warrants/Loan Stocks
RM20 per transaction
Proxy Voting


Free for transfer

Will compare more and write here.

M+ I am still waiting for their email.