HL e broking

I am sipeh Tulan with my maybank trading account. Why???

I ask them to change my mailing address many times, but they still post all relevant information to my old account.

I have called them many times but it seems nobody pick up the phone.

What are my possibility???

Someone introduce me HLebroking, so I test out and email them today.

I received 3 email today, so efficient.

I will open value trade account, 0.1 % compare to 0.42%.


If I buy wtk at 1.18 x 5 biji x 0.42 % = RM 24.78 for buy
If I sell wtk at 1.20 x 5 biji x 0.42 % = RM 25.20 for sell
Total = RM 50

If 1.18x 5 biji x 0.1 % = RM 5.9 for buy
for sell 1.20 x 5biji x 0.1% = RM  6 for sell
Total = RM 11.90

Walau wei save so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Disadvantage, no money can not trade.

I will transfer all my maybank to hlebroking. Hle will absorbs the RM 10 transfer fees.

Any reader have any better suggestion????


ck...recheck...0.1% with min RM8 for hle...so it should be RM16 and not RM11.60. Now lowest rate in the market is 0.035% or min RM6. Check out both of them...



Hi Digital.

Thanks for your correction.

I have asked mplus - promotion until end of October 2012.

Now still waiting for Ambank reply.

By the way, HLE very efficient in replying my mail.

Anyone have comment on US stock?? which broker have lowest rate?

Hi Xiu Hua,

If you want to buy US stock, use sogotrade or foreign bank.

Malaysia brokerage quite expensive.

Thanks... i know one is CIMB GK~~ but must go singapore to open.... maybe oneday xD.....