Maybank and OSK188 brokerage BYE BYE

After doing a lot of research and consideration,

I have decided to swap all my counter in OSK188 and MAYBANK to HLE broking cash Upfront account.


1) Free transfer. RM 10 per counter.

The form can be get here:

2) Free CDS account open RM 10.

3) No dividend services charges.

4) 0.1% charge flat include buy and sell per contract.

5) Platform using IE (excel force)

Bye bye OSK and Maybank.

Open 1 more account in AMBANK E Securities for trading purpose. WHY?

1) charge RM 6 or 0.035% whichever is higher for cash upfront.

2) if not enough money considered as normal account charge rate. Will update on how much.

3) Platform using JAVA (N2N connect)

The rest is the same for all the brokerage, 0.03% clearing fees, 1% stamp duty.