Mplus online

Today I went to Mplus online, petaling jaya branch to open a CDS account and cash upfront account. 

The fastest my account can be activated is on MONDAY.

 Hopefully it will be faster than that.

 Why suddenly I change from HLIB and AMBANK to Mplus online?????

HLIB offer 0.1% for cash upfront.

Ambank offer 0.035% for cash upfront but the platform they are using is JAVA N2N which is lacking or slower.

Mplus online offer 0.035% and the platform is EXCEL FORCE. Offer until end of October. Most probably will extend until end of December. After that will be 0.08% still lower than HLIB.

Let me test out their system 1st before saying more.

 I will definitely say bye bye to OSK and MAYBANK which charge 0.42%.

 By the way, open CDS RM 10 in Mplus is free.

 Transfer to Mplus also free.

 By the way, I am not getting any referral fees.