What a good start of 2013.
02/01/2013 2879 CCM Sell SAXXX 10,000 0.94500 8.000 10.000 2.840 9,429.160
31/12/2012 2879 CCM Purchase PAXXX10,000 0.88000 6.000 9.000 2.640 8,817.640 
Thank you CCM for let me earn on 1st day of KLSE.

How much I earn???

RM 611.52 = 10 can of MILK powder for my SON.

Another thing I would like to highlight is the BROKERAGE, can you see only RM 8 and RM 6 only.

Which broker offer so cheap??? Malacca Securities. They even send me 2013 DIARY. I with OSK for 10 years and never received anything from them and charge me 0.42% brokerage which is RM 39.60 vs RM 8.

Kamsia Hng in I did it my way blog.

My SON full moon is tomorrow.


Nice trade on CCM! congrets to you on your son's full moon!!