IF you are serious in investing or you own some share in YTLpower or warrant.

I think you should read this article.

Very details analysis on YTLPOWER, I think better than all the brokerage.

This stock can consider on the uptrend now.

Conclusion of the article:

My personal opinion is that YTLP is very cheap by historical standard. It has got proven execution record, earning accretive acquisition, strong/consistent cashflow generation ability. Its current market cap of RM12 Billion is extremely undemanding!

Given Yes' potential to be a full fledge telco, it should be given a higher PE given its growth potential.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would believe the reduction in dividend and the flooding of cheap warrants is an attempt by the management to push lower the price to allow for a cheaper privatisation! However, given the religious nature of its management, I would doubt they will resort to such unethical tactic to defraud the average retail investor.


Thanks for the recommendation.

Looking forward to other investor's opinion of value shares out there in the market.