Malaysia Car battery price list

My Iswara car 1.3 battery finally kong.

My previous is GP Plas maintenance free battery change on 9 November 2009.

Wah last for more than 3 years already.

Mechanic shop normally sell higher:

Model NS 60L (S)

Mahkota shop Yuasa maintenance free - RM 200, need maintenance RM 180

Semenyih shop Yokohama maintenance free - RM 180, Panansonic RM 210
Leweko need maintenance or wet battery - RM 160

Car Battery Shop sell cheaper:

Maintenance free include trade in of old battery:

INCOE - RM 160

Yokohama - RM 160

KOBA - RM 160

Century -RM 170

In the end, I choose INCOE - RM 160.

How to choose your battery???

RC (minute) (longer the better) and CCA (higher the better, not applicable to malaysia - measure the battery's ability to start your car even on an extremely cold weather) comparison:

INCOE -  71 RC, 341 CCA  aiya this one 12 months warranty
CENTURY MARATHONER - 58 RC ,351 CCA, this one 15 months warranty

How to Choose Your Car Battery
The car battery is the power underneath the hood of your car. It provides electricity needed to start the car, for door locks, power windows, lights, audio and other car accessories.
You must discard the old battery properly:
  • Sell it to Scrap Metal buyers ; and,
  • Automotive battery supply stores, they will buy off your battery with certain price value according to market.


  • 1. Size
  • 2. Brand
  • 3. Reserve capacity
  • 4. Age
  • 5. Cold-cranking amps

Size refers to the height, width and length of the battery. They come in different group sizes to fit most cars’ battery tray. It is important that the battery fit securely. Always refer to your car manufacturer's manual to know your car's specific battery group size. You may also consult the reference guides, which battery retailers provide, find out the appropriate battery size for your car. Buying a wrong-sized battery will just be a waste of money and might just set off more damage to your car
Brand refers to the trademark given to a certain product. Buying the battery brand specified in your owner's manual is the best way. But if that particular brand is too expensive and you want to do some cost-cutting, follow the specification requirement also found in the owner's manual.

Do not be tempted to buy the cheapest brand because it could turn as the most expensive battery you've ever bought. Cheap batteries may also be loaded with defects and can also be poor performers. A frequent battery change, which also entails repeated installation, will just definitely use up the money you've initially saved when you chose a cheap car battery.
Reserve Capacity
The longer the operating time of the battery' reserve capacity, the better; because this is the one quality of the battery that could save you from getting stranded. Consider the RC rating as your car's emergency kit. In times of unexpected trouble, you can still run to safety instead of getting stuck somewhere.

IMPORTANT: You cannot just pick and buy a battery with the longest reserve capacity. Consult your owner's manual to learn the recommended reserve capacity rating for your car model. It is best practice to choose the exact RC rating that your vehicle can handle.

An example of RC rating


The age of the battery gives you an idea on how long it should be able to perform. A battery is considered ‘fresh' if it is less than 6 months old.

Ask the automotive shop more on the particular battery that you want to buy.

Vintage Batteries

Cold-Cranking Amps
Cold-cranking amps (CCA) measure the battery's ability to start your car even on an extremely cold weather. Your car will be hard to start (or to ignite) because the car's engine oil thickens and chemical reactions, in turn, slow down.

Choosing a battery with a high number of CCA is better; particularly to those vehicles being driven in a cold climate. A higher cold- cramping amps assure that your car's engine will start obediently even on snowy mornings.

Obviously, you won't have to bother with much CCA if you're living in a tropical or warm climate. Since the sole purpose of your car battery is to spurt electricity to crank your car's engine and also to supply power other car's accessories.


Have you tried Bosch?

Anyway, I have this impression that the water filled battery tend to last longer. I am surprised that your maintenance free battery able to tahan that long.

My's maintenance free last only about 13-15 mths.

Hi Mayhem,

Yes it do last to 3 years.

INCOE and CENTURY should be more famous than Bosch in term of battery.

Bosch is famous for the plugs.

Really nice to visit you blog. Thanks for sharing some nice batteries with us but i always use RB Car Battery for my car and i think its quite good then any other betteries

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