I would like to record down my WCT-WB conversion schedule on my blog.

Today my CDS account just deducted the quantity that I want to convert.

Let see when I can get the mother share of WCT.

Conversion Schedule:

8th Jan 2013 - Bought cash cheque and submitted to Symphony Share registrars by pos express.

10th Jan 2013 - Reach symphony and key in my conversion

14th Jan 2013 - Reach Bursa Malaysia

15th Jan 2013 - Deducted my quantity to convert to mother.

16th Jan 2013 - Will my WCT mother share listing tomorrow??????

If tomorrow listing and the price of WCT maintain at 2.37.

My actual sell price will be 2.37 - 1.85 = 0.52

vs current WCT-WB share price 0.44