Panasonic Fan

Recently, my house panasonic fan PCB board spoilt.


Panasonic Ceiling Fan F-M14D9CG Silver

You can not control the speed of the fan, sometime it turn faster, sometime it turn slower.

Last time I fixed before, change the whole pcb board which cost me RM 120.

Now I ask one electrical man which say the pcb board can be fix, RM 45 nia.

Luckily I meet him, else I have to pay extra RM 80.


Yes, me too. Where's shop did u fixed the pcb? Thanks

Actually just change the capacitor around RM3 to RM5 will fix the problem. Can buy it at E&E shop. Just DIY or have some basic soldering skill will do. Can check Youtube or Google for info.

Mine problem same as you and my in-law can't control with remote even though change fresh battery.