Lui Lui cough

Dear Lui Lui,

When you going recover from your cough?

Your papa is very tired, you cough at night and wake up at 3 am.

You use your head to knock your papa head and request to drink "Nai Nai".

Papa say: " No, because you cough and you might vomit."

But you insist and start to cry.

So papa go down from the bed with sleepy eye and mix " Nai Nai" for you.

After drinking the nai nai, you start to cough again.

Then you vomit on the bed.

Papa is very angry and you start to cry. 

You start to beat yourself.

That moment, papa realize papa need to cold down and give you a hug.

Papa say: " It's okay, cough only meh "

To be continued ...

Part 2:

Luckily papa know how to control my emotion, else i think whole night, both of us no need to sleep liao

Why papa is so tired?

The night before, my son cry very loud at 2 am, 5 am, my lui lui also wake up by "Ti ti" at 6 am to drink milk.

Papa promised will try to control papa emotion.