I am back oh I am back

Anyone miss me?

Today I just came back from Ipoh.

Damn kanasai, already skip not to come back on Sunday, thought Monday no car, but....

Start Journey from Ipoh at 11.30 am.

Jam a bit from Simpang Pulai to Toll.

Then smooth until Tapah, jam again.

Exit Tapah and use old road until Bidor, go back highway, But Jam again.

Exit Sungkai and use old road until Tanjong Malim.

After Tanjong Malim quite smooth.

But reach Sg Besi jam again, damn kanasai.

Reach Bandar Mahkota Cheras at 4 pm.

Whole CNY I hv serious COUGH, now still not yet recover. COUGH until my chest pain.

While I am typing this, my chest still pain...