Registration for born 2010 std 1 oh Registration for born 2010 std 1

Now the registration no error already,

You can register now for your children who born on 2010. Click the link below:

Previously have problem, I blogged about it:

But I would like to register for my daughter for SJK (C) Sg Long, but no available choice.

So how???

After register, you need to bring the form to the school within 14 days of registration together with (Original and Photocopy):

1. Sijil lahir/ Borang W/ Sijil Anak Angkat / /
2. Bil Utiliti (Bil elektrik (TNB) /Air sahaja) / /
3. Kad Pengenalan Ibu bapa/ Penjaga / /
4. Surat Nikah/ Surat Daftar Perkahwinan/ Surat Cerai
(Sekiranya berkaitan) /
5. Surat Hak Penjagaan/ Perintah Mahkamah jika berkaitan
(Sekiranya berkaitan) /
6. Laporan Doktor & Kad Oku (Sekiranya berkaitan)