6 Bad Habits oh 6 Bad Habits

Must Get Rid of this 6 Bad Habits:

1) You focus on linear income instead of passive income
- Linear income - my salary
- Passive income - rental, share market, unit trust

2) You’re still waiting to start your journey of success
- I am still waiting.... When can I start???

3) When you earn more you spend more
- This one I don't have, I earn more and SAVE more

4) You complain instead of committing
- This one must change

5) You live for today, hoping tomorrow will care about its worries
- Yes, I live for today only, opps, I do plan for my retirement

6) You just don’t get it!
- Realization, when will you wake up from the dream, luckily I woke up already.

Out of the 6, I have 2 bad habits, so need to take away this two habits.

Most people remain poor, not because they don't have the knowledge. Not because they don't read Kuza Biashara and other business-related articles. But because they don't LEARN BY DOING. They just don't get it!

Source: http://www.kuzabiashara.co.ke/blog/habits/