TM streamyx GST price oh TM streamyx GST price

Kanasai, said want to reduce BROADBAND price.

Last time for 1 Mbps - RM 88 without modem,

NOW??? Look at your self:

Streamyx Standard Package

Catch up with the fast-moving world of broadband with our exciting packages. Bring the web's rich multimedia content to life and enjoy that boost in connectivity, only with Streamyx.
Benefits ​ ​ ​
Up to 4.0 Mbps broadbandAlways ConnectedUnlimited usage for a fixed rateWider Coverage

PackageSpeedMonthly Price
Streamyx 1.0MbpsUp to 1.0Mbps
RM93.28 [without modem]
RM104.94 [with modem]
Streamyx 2.0MbpsUp to 2.0MbpsRM199.28 [with modem]
Streamyx 4.0MbpsUp to 4.0MbpsRM284.08 [with modem] 

TM streamyx GST price

We are the highest per megabits per second in neighboring country.

Look at Thailand and Singapore, what they pay for:

Malaysia’s broadband fee per megabits per second (Mbps) is RM19.90, 
Singapore’s RM6.34 and Thailand’s RM6.61 (3X more expensive)