Loui Low oh Loui Low

Today I went to Loui Low 5 steps on selecting winning stock.

Who is Loui Low???

1) Uptrend - EMA 20, Candlestick above EMA 20

2) Support Resistance

3) Risk/Reward Ratio

4) Chart Pattern - FLAG

5) Indicators - RSI 50 and EMA 5, 9, 20

In the end, the most important stock tips:

1) Supermx

2) Bpplas

3) Geshen


Current theme play - Export related company, furniture, plastic and glove counter

Personally I like supermx, today breakout, wait for pull back T+3 to enter.

FBMKLCI - overall is Bearish, if break 1660 or 1670, It will dive to 1400.

Suggest to REDUCE position or HOLD cash, if TRADE cautiously.

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