My birthday oh My birthday

Today is my 40 years old birthday. Hoo la la.

I am 40.

If I plan to retired at 60 years old, I have another 20 years to build my wealth.

What did I do for today?

Claim my Free ticket from GSC and watch Mission Impossible at IOI City Mall.

Very easy, just become member of GSC online, you are entitle for two Free ticket during your birthday Month.


Wah, new cinema new seat, everything is so new.

What I have at 40 years old:

1 wife ( of course, grin)
2 children - 1 boy and 1 girl

1 house - another 10 year hopefully finish the installment
1 condo - for rental income, this one give me a lot of problem, really pening kepala, not consistent the rent
1 low cost flat - this one also give me a lot of problem, not entitle, need certain term and condition blah blah, already paid 10%, only 38k, still ding ding dong dong, lawyer will settle for me, I hope it can drag two years, already 6 months

not much, stagnant already

this year admitted to hospital due to pneumonia, must take care of myself

Stock Investment:
Not doing well due to the uncertainty.