Toilet waterprofing leakage oh Toilet waterprofing leakage

My house staircase have water mark on the wall. I suspect it is from master room toilet flour water profing problem.

So I consult my neighbor who is a contractor, he say the best way is take out all the toilet tiles, add in water profing and retile back again.

Price: RM 1500.

Normally I will ask a few before I make decision.

So I call another 2 more contractor, both quote me RM 3k for fixing the toilet tiles and water profing.

So I employ my neighbour to fix my house toilet.

I kek po a bit and ask how much the contractor pay them.

Day 1: 1 person RM 80 ( driling old tiles, recement and add in water profing)
Day 2: rest 1 day to let the water profing dry
Day 3: Add 1 more layer of water profing and retiles
2 person - RM 150 ( for sifu) RM 80 ( for helper)
Day 4: Fixing the toilet bowl and paint the wall
2 person - RM 150 ( for sifu) RM 80 ( for helper)

Workmanship: RM 540
Water profing chemical: RM 200
Cement and sand: RM 20 x 3 bags = RM 60
Susu Gam: RM 20
Tiles: RM 3 * 40 pieces = RM 120

RM 940 only cost

Walau wei, he charge me RM 1500, what to do???

The main thing is he is my neighbour, anything can ask him to come back and fix. He guarantee.

So I ask them to fix flexible hose for me in the kitchen sink. If ask plumber come, they will charge RM 100.

I also ask them to paint the wall. If ask outside people another RM 200 workmanship

At least he untung me sikit, don't cut my throat.

My neighbour done in 2014, no GST RM 1k but no painting.

Another neighbour done in 2011, workmanship RM 800 without materials.

I bargain another RM 600 to paint my whole upstairs. He he he.


Sometimes I wonder if I can earn more by becoming a plumber...