Car Survey oh Car Survey

My wife bising want to buy car. Why?

Because my father in law bang her Kelisa car, he he he.

He accidentally press accelerator instead of brek.


Bumper: RM 90 normal, RM 180 OEM (no stock)

Head Lamp : RM 65

Workmanship: RM 50

Gate not yet repair. - maybe about RM 100++

MyVi Model:

There are four models available. The prices shown are including insurance.
Myvi 1.0SR1.0, ManualRM41,200
Myvi 1.3SX1.3, ManualRM44,755/RM45,300
Myvi 1.3EZ1.3, AutoRM47,781/RM48,300
Myvi 1.3SXi1.3, Manual, Dual Airbags, ABSRM47,781/RM48,300
Myvi 1.3EZi1.3, Auto, Dual Airbags, ABSRM50,781/RM51,300

MyVi price:

Price List (90% Loan)


ModelColorPriceD/P7 Yrs9 Yrs
MYVI 1.0SRSolid38,924.103,924.10537.00450.00 
MYVI 1.0SRMetalic39,447.303,947.30544.00 456.00
MYVI 1.3SXSolid43,400.004,400.00598.00 501.00 
MYVI 1.3SXMetalic43,900.004,400.00605.00 507.00 
MYVI 1.3SXiSolid46,200.004,700.00636.00533.00
MYVI 1.3SXiMetalic46,700.004,700.00644.00 539.00
MYVI 1.3SXi SESolid49,900.005,000.00675.00566.00
MYVI 1.3SXi SEMetalic50,400.005,100.00681.00571.10


MYVI 1.3EZSolid46,400.004,700.00639.00536.00
MYVI 1.3EZMetalic46,900.004,700.00647.00542.00
MYVI 1.3EZiSolid49,200.005,000.00677.00568.00
MYVI 1.3EZiMetalic49,700.005,000.00685.00574.00
MYVI 1.3EZi SESolid52,900.005,300.00714.00599.00
MYVI 1.3EZi SEMetalic53,400.005,400.00721.00604.00


Looking at Carlist:

Milleage < 30k KM
Price < 30 k
Auto transmission

Below is the list: