Credit Card oh Credit Card

Currently I have a few credit card, there are:

1) Standard Chartered
- I will cancel this year since not much offer

2) Alliance Bank Visa Infinite
- Very good, give me Priority Pass card which let me go in to Airport lounge free of charge ( how frequent I use it, ha ha ha???)

3) Maybank 2 card
- used to be very good but left only 5% Dining only which is useless to me.
- will not cancel since free for life, no annual fees

Latest addition to the family:

4) Public Bank Visa Petron card
- apply this one due to ringgit plus promotion for Trolley Bag
- yet to received the trolley bag
- will cancel after 6 months since not much offer, why 6 months because you need to keep for 6 months for new card

5) Public Bank Visa Signature
- just book with AGODA which give me 10% discount, sipeh good
- Grocery, Online and Dining - 6% cash back

6) Maybank Ikhwan Card - approved but card is not with me
- 5% on Petrol and Dining on Friday and Saturday


Main card to use:
2) Maybank Ikhwan

The rest just keep for EMERGENCY.