Live Comfortably with Less than RM1000 per Month in Malaysia

Dream of living in the big, magnificent city such as Kuala Lumpur but short on funds? Fret not! Here are several methods to cut down your expenses and live with less than RM1000 on a monthly basis.

1.      Insurance
Paying for insurance is optional, but it is an important investment to make in the long-term. Whether it is for home loan, car, medical, health, life or educational purposes, investing in insurance will provide a safe outlet for you and your family to recover huge costs once catastrophe strikes. As an example, you can get Prudential Medical Insurance for as low as RM100 per month with a claimable lifetime limit up to RM500, 000.
Cost = RM100

2.      Bill payments
This is the largest perpetrator of all costs of living. Utilities such as phone, electricity and water do not come free in life. With a reduced usage of these items, you can save a lot on extra costs and expenses. A basic 3GB mobile phone plan only costs RM48 per month, and a 500 kWh TNB electricity bill incurs cost of RM 174.87.  Meanwhile, a typical SYABAS water bill in an average household is between RM50 – RM60.
Costs = RM48 + RM174.87+ RM100 = RM322.97

3.      Groceries
It is difficult to make ends meet with RM1000 if you choose to eat out every day. Consider cooking at home or prepack food for the whole day to reduce food expenses. Mamaks and hipster coffee places can cost up to RM20 per visit, leading to huge unnecessary expenses on meals and drinks. Make time to buy groceries from your local supermarket and choose affordable items within budget. With a mere RM60 per week, you have a month’s supply of food for your own consumption. Not only will you enhance your cooking ability, it is a healthier option compared to eating outdoors.
Cost = RM60 x 5 = RM300

4.      Transportation
If you possess your own transport, petrol and maintenance costs prove to be burdening. Look out for a petrol credit card from your local bank that provides you with maximum benefits each time you refill your tank. It is definitely cheaper and more convenient to pay by card rather than in cash. In fact, you get massive petrol points to redeem rewards with a credit card that suits your needs. One RM50 tank refill can last up to a week depending on frequency of usage, the sum in 5 weeks will be a total of RM250.
Cost = RM50 x 5 = RM250

Cutting expenses on insurance, bills, groceries while using Malaysia’s best credit card for petrol, you can live in the city for RM972.97. Especially with the minimum wage of RM900 for private sector workers implemented in Peninsular Malaysia and RM800 in Sabah and Sarawak, living under RM1000 is do-able. A handful of Malaysian citizens are also said to live below the aforementioned figure, therefore, you can do it too! Living within your means without the expense of comfort is highly recommended for fresh graduates and those who earn minimum wages. 

Start today!


While I kinda agree to the calculation above, there are certain things that is pretty crucial got left out - e.g. rental which is easily 700-1000 in kl (excluding doggy place), clothes for work (thrift shops are not so good quality here), house maintenance, any emergency spending, events.

It should be live "frugally" with less than RM1000 per month in Malaysia? :p