How to trim you Phone Bill oh How to trim you Phone Bill

A penny saved is a penny earned.

As the new year 2017 is approaching, I am doing a cut on my phone bill.

My current plan is with UMOBILE - U28.

Each month averagely I need to pay RM 30 to UMobile for 3 GB data which I don't use. Averagely I used only 1 GB per month.

RedONE really come to the rescue which offer 1 GB (initially 500 MB) called CRAZY 8 plan (end 31 Dec 2016).

So, I took this opportunity and switch to REDONE crazy plan.

Each month averagely I can save RM 20.

For 2017, I will have extra RM 20 per month.

Don't call me stingy, I am frugal.


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