Bye bye Groupon oh Bye bye Groupon

Next year 2017, groupon Malaysia will become history. Groupon Malaysia bought over by K-Fit. I think both will merge under FAVE. But if no merge, groupon still will be around. Let's wait and see.

KUALA LUMPUR: KFit Group announced on Monday the acquisition of Groupon Malaysia, paving the way for the group to further consolidate its position as the region's online-to-offline commerce leader.

The latest acquisition by KFit - a prominent how-grown startup - follows its purchase of Groupon's Indonesian business in August, alongside the rapid growth of its new Fave platform.

Fave aims to be a marketplace for businesses to offer competitive pricing, flexible offer structures, loyalty solutions and more, with the added benefit of proprietary business tools that can help offline businesses succeed in mobile commerce.

The acquisition of Groupon Malaysia will see it transition to Fave in early 2017 and expand offerings to cover restaurants, beauty, wellness, gyms, studios, hotels, holidays, leisure, entertainment and professional services.


My transaction with groupon: