Annjoo PA oh Annjoo PA

Mother price now 2.37

PA: 1.27 +1.30 (Conversion price) 2.57 vs mother 2.37

Only disadvantage no dividend.

Profile for Securities of PLC
Instrument Category : Securities of PLC
Instrument Type : Preference Shares
Description : 125,139,720 redeemable convertible cumulative preference shares
Initial Listing Information :
Listing Date : 06/12/2016
Issue Date : 01/12/2016
Issue / Ask Price : Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.5000
Issue Size in Unit : 125,139,720.0000
Maturity Date : 30/11/2024
Revised Maturity Date :
Name of Guarantor: Not Applicable
Name of Trustee: Not Applicable
Coupon/Profit/Interest/Payment Rate: Not Applicable
Coupon/Profit/Interest/Payment Frequency: Not Applicable
Redemption: The Company may redeem the RCPS in part on a pro-rata basis or in
its entirety as the case may be, at the option of the Company at the RCPS Issue
Price, at any time up to Maturity.RCPS holders may opt for the NRA adjustment
by converting such number of their RCPS together with opting for the NRA
adjustment in the Conversion Notice to be submitted during the Acceptable
Conversion Notice Period to the Share Registrar and received by the Share
Registrar on or before the Last Election Date.
Exercise/Conversion Period : 8.00 Year(s)
Revised Exercise/Conversion Period : Not Applicable
Exercise/ Strike/ Conversion Price : Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 1.8000
Revised Exercise/ Strike/ Conversion Price :
Exercise/ Conversion Ratio : 1:1
Revised Exercise/ Conversion Ratio :
Mode of Satisfaction of Exercise/Conversion Price : Tendering of 1 RCPS
together with RCPS Cash Consideration of RM1.30
Settlement Type/ Convertible into : Physical (Shares)