With this volatile market, should we invest in INSAS PA.

Insas PA profile:

- Redeemable at RM1 after 5 years; 
- Dividend of 4% payable every half-yearly; 


Current price: 0.95

On top of 4 cents dividend annually u can get 0.05 when matured. ( Redeem at RM 1)

Worth it???

Profile for Preference Shares
Instrument Type : Preference Shares
Description : Redeemable preference shares of RM0.01 each in Insas Berhad
("RPS") issued pursuant to a renounceable rights issue with warrants
Listing Date : 03/03/2015
Issue Date : 26/02/2015
Issue/ Ask Price : MYR 1.0000
Issue Size in Unit : 132,601,268
Maturity Date : 25/02/2020
Revised Maturity Date :
Exercise/Conversion Period : 5.00 Year(s)
Revised Exercise/Conversion Period :
Exercise/ Strike/ Conversion Price : MYR 0.0000
Revised Exercise/ Strike/ Conversion Price :
Exercise/ Conversion Ratio : Not Applicable
Revised Exercise/ Conversion Ratio :
Mode of Satisfaction of Exercise/Conversion Price : Tendering of securities
Settlement Type/ Convertible into : Cash
Remarks : The RPS shall carry the right to receive cumulative gross preferential
dividend rate out of the distributable profits of Insas Berhad ("Insas" or
"Company") as the issuer, at a dividend rate per annum of four (4) sen on the
issue price per RPS. The RPS is not convertible into new ordinary shares of
RM1.00 each in Insas.
The RPS is redeemable at 100% of the issue price of the RPS at any time during
the tenure of the RPS at the option of the Company as the issuer, where not
less than seven (7) business days" in writing notice must be given.
Any RPS not redeemed by the Company or surrendered by the RPS holder at the
maturity date (being a date being five (5) years from and including the date of
issue of the Warrants, provided that if such day falls on a day which is not a
market day, then on the preceding market day) shall be automatically redeemed
by the Company at 100% of the issue price of the RPS.
This announcement is dated 2 March 2015.