Umobile Postpaid oh Umobile Postpaid

This Umobile sipeh creative in their plan. They really can BAO Kai LIAO. " Sapu ALL"

From RM 28 to RM 98. You name it You get it.

Their plan is good because You can Customized IT according to your USAGE.

Eash month data usage 3.5 GB, I will choose P38 instead of P70 which can let me SAVE RM 32 per month.

Previously only have U28, P70 and P98.

Previously I am using U28, but I change to REDONE only RM 8 for 1 GB.

If they can come out new plan below U28, example U10 for 1 GB, U20 for 2 GB, then really BAO KAI LIAO - EAT all.