Cash Back Credit Card Usage oh Cash Back Credit Card Usage

How to fully utilized my credit card??

1) Public Bank Visa Signature

a) Use online - bill payment through using uobpayonline

Electric Bill - RM 50
Unifi Bill - RM 100

b) Groceries other than Friday and Saturday

Tesco - RM 100
Aeon - RM 100

Cash Back:
Enjoy 6% cash rebates whenever you spend on groceries, dining, and online spending locally or abroad. Your cash rebate will be capped at RM38 per month

2) Maybank Ikwan Card

a) Petrol - only Friday and Saturday
b) Groceries - only Friday and Saturday

Cash Back:
Get paid as you spend! Earn 5% cash rebate on petrol and groceries every Friday and Saturday. The maximum cap is set at RM50 per month.k: 

3) Maybank 2 American Express
a) Petrol - only sunday

Cash Back:
Earn a high cash rebate of 5% every weekend (only Saturday and Sunday) every time you swipe with your Maybank 2 American Express Card, subject to a monthly cap of RM50.