Press Statement by Himpunana Hijau


Press Statement by Himpunan Hijau Organizing Committee on 27 February 2012

The Himpunan Hijau Organizing Chairperson, Wong Tack
"Finally, we have received the first response from our Prime Minister. We feel encouraged but unfortunately, the answer was not what we are expecting. 

Therefore, we hereby confirmed that Himpunan Hijau 3.0 is on!

We realized and strongly believed that in order to have a clean environment, we need a clean government. Thus, looking at the positive partnership of Himpunan Hijau and BERSIH 2.0, we will discuss with Bersih’s Steering Committee on the possibility of organising a joint green and yellow BERSIH 3.0. 

Himpunan Hijau is extremely shocked that until today, our leaders are still very much ill-informed of the actual scientific facts and danger of the Lynas project. 

The people do not accept the position by taken by the government and Lynas. 

Firstly, the proposition is wholly disputable because Lynas has not had any prior experience operating such a project. Nor does Lynas possess a pilot-scale plant which would generate an industry-proven data to corroborate these claims. More significantly, Lynas has not disclosed official testimonials which verify the authenticity of the data. Rare earth plant like this does not appear anywhere in this globe except in China. It is wholly unrealistic to accept their claims of zero risk to the people, which is either based on China’s experience or on an hypothetical basis.

Thus, if a grassroot movement like Himpunan Hijau can engage experts and scientists to conduct thorough research to obtain the true facts of this issue, why can’t the government?

Our Prime Minister’s suggestion to dump the massive amount of radioactive waste far away from habitated area is totally senseless and unacceptable! This remark from the top leadership in this country is of grave concern to the people because it reflects a shallow understanding of the ecological system and blatant disrespect of natural environment. 

Every inch of our motherland is a precious natural asset to our nation. The landscape of the countryside is an ecologically sensitive system of forests, rivers and food production farmlands. 

Our Prime Minister must realize that the thousands of acres of land used for permanent disposal of toxic/ radioactive wastes will deprive our children and our children’s children for generations to come from getting near it for billions of years. This permanent radioactive polluting site will subject our whole nation to the risks of widespread contaminations and pollutions.

So, how could our Prime Minister, at this highly crucial moment, still calls for a compromise and a search for a win-win situation? Can we allow our future generations to face this kind of unreasonable and unnecessary risks? Can we selfishly rob our children of their future?

We understand that our Prime Minister has inherited this issue from the previous administration. We understand that he may be facing pressure from certain groups with vested interest. 

However, we hope that he could step forward at this critical time and display his true leadership by making an honest and brave decisive decision for the people. We hope this decision will come before Himpunan Hijau 3.0. The action or inaction of the Prime Minister will be remembered for generations to come.  "