Top 10 mistake invest in KLSE - Part 1

This video posted in cpteh blog , I find it very informative.

This is the 1st part of the video.

Top 10 mistakes part 1 by Adam Khoo:
1) Investing without a set of pre defined buy and sell rules
Example: I bought Perisai at 0.82, it go down to 0.70, I still keep. After that it go up to RM 1. I still keep. Now it lingering at 0.82 to 0.86. Keep or Sell????

2) Trying to buy a stock at the very bottom.
" It has gone so low already, it can't go lower"
Red line ( Moving average 100 or 200) above the Blue line ( MA 50) signifies uptrend.

Example: Dijacor, buy at 1.29, now it go down again at 1.22

3) Buying on recommendations by Experts/Analysts.
- must look at intrinsic value -
intrinsic value calculation excel file -,
explanation :

Example: Perisai - CIMB keep ask buy, that why I keep.

4) Buying A "Hot" stock that is overpriced.
a) never buy just before a company announcement of earning (plus minus 7 days)
b) never buy a stock in a downtrend.

Example: Scomnet, Mtronic...

5) Buying a stock based on Fundamental (logic) and ignoring technical analysis ( Investor psychology)

Example: EAH - FA good buy TA sipeh bad.