RM 6 Avengers Movie Ticket

Yesterday I went to watch movie with my wife.

Long time never watch movie with my wife.

How to settle my lui lui?

My parents in law help me take care of her.

So I went to Putrajaya Alamanda GSC to watch the show.

I am using OCBC titanium to pay for the movie ticket. It is BUY one FREE one.

Sipeh good to use this OCBC titanium credit card. 

RM 6 for a ticket on saturday, some more public holiday, Mana cari.

But hor, movie ticket is selling like hot cake. No choice have to sit separately with my wife. You can see from the picture below. I sit at D12, my wife sit at A16.

My wife nag nag nag. ha ha ha. What to do!!!

Now if i want to come out to watch movie, I have to find someone to take care of lui lui or I have to watch it on weekday after sending her to nanny.


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